Transport network

Méjannes-le-Clap has a rather poor public transport service. However, the village has its own taxi and an electric car charging station.
  • TAXI BRUNO: medical and personal transport 24/7.       +33 (0)6 18 04 63 48
  • Electric car charging station: in order to make it possible for electric vehicles to drive around more freely, Méjannes-le-Clap and several other nearby villages have been equipped with free access electric car charging stations. The one in Méjannes is on the town hall car park (D167). Up to 2 cars can charge their batteries at the same time (fast chargers 22Kw). All types of plugs are available (domestic, T2 and T3). To charge your car, you can either use a subscription card and/or the free REVEO mobile app. The access hatch is safe, so you can leave your car to charge without any safety concerns. The connexion price is 1,50 for REVEO subscribers and 3€ for non subscriber. The first hour of charge is free. Beyond that hour, you will be charged 0,025€ per minute. The subscription costs 12€ for 12 months. For more information or to order your subscition card, go to
  • liO bus transport: find out the regular bus lines, school buses, regional liO trains and TAD (on demand transport for people with motor, visual or cognitive disabilities: disability card with 80% of disability) here: Transports liO.
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