Tourism & Disability

Find out all the useful information to travel serenely and locate equipped lodgings and profesionals with the "Tourisme et Handicap" certification.

The Tourist Information Office is certified "Tourisme et Handicap" since 2009, for all 4 types fo disabilities: motor, mental, visual or hearing. This certification guarantees an efficient welcome that meets disabled persons needs.
  • For people with a hearing handicap, a magnetic loop system and a sound amplifier are available at the front desk. At least one of the tourist adivsers is trained to welcome disabled people and can also write down information.
  • For people with mental disablilities, the staff adapts its language to be more intelligible. Documents are sorted by themes which are easily identifiable thanks to big pictograms.
  • For people with motor disabilities there is an inclined plane at the entrance of the Tourist Information Office and the door itself is wide enough to allow a  wheelchair to go through easily. The office itself is one storey. The front desk and the appropriate documentation are at a hight that is easy to reach for people in wheelchairs.
  • For people with visual handicap: a tactile band goes from the door of the Tourist Information Office to the front desk. Red window stickers help locate the entrance doorof the Office. A guide with all useful information about Méjannes, written in big characters and in Braille, is available at the Tourist Information Office (on-site consultation only). A dictaphone withe a recording of the main useful information about the village is also available.