The massif of the Cèze

    Revitalise yourself in the massif and the gorges of the Cèze, one of the biggest "Espace naturel sensible" (a nature reserve) of France, where the limestone that is everywhere has shaped the vast stretches of scrubland and the winding gorges of the Cèze.

    The Gorges of the Cèze

    If you love nature, the Gorges of the Cèze are the place you've been looking for to discover wild and raw landscapes. Hiking is the best way to explore this "Natura 2000" certified natural site  (the gorges can be reached nut only in very specific spots). You can find a hiking map called "Cartoguide" that covers all the marked trails of the area at the Tourist Information Office (for sale for 5€).

    For 80 million years, the Cèze river has been digging the karstic rock of the plateau of Méjannes, thus creating majestic gorges and breathtaking cliffs.

    The clear and peaceful waters of the Cèze, the songs of the many birds nesting in the rock walls will make you want to simply relax and enjoy the moment.

    Since no road follows the gorges, they are the ideal place to take a break from civilisation. Enjoy the calm and tranquility that only preserved natural spaces can provide.
    The beaches of the Cèze

    If the lapping of warter makes you want to take a swim, indulge yourself!
    There are 3 beaches along the Cèze just in the area of Méjannes-le-Clap.
    The Plages du Roy, Terris and Quittard are 3 beaches equipped with picnic tables, petanque strips, bars to attach the ties of horses, bike and car parks. You can therefore enjoy comfortable summer days by the river with your family in an extraordinarily well preserved natural environment.

    Caution: please be aware these beaches are unsupervised. Your children are in your own care and under your own responsibility. Even though you can go to the beaches all year long, it is strongly advised to avoid the riverbanks during and after heavy rains, since they are easily flooded.