Go on an underground adventure!

Are you already a caving enthusiast? Or new to the discipline and want to discover the underground world?
Then make a halt in Méjannes and enjoy its' many speleology trails.

While caving, you will discover the wonders of the local underground world.The plateau of Méjannes-le-Clap is made of limestone and is a key area for caving. There are many natural sinkholes and caves and concretion-rich galleries.

If you are an advanced caver, you will be delighted with all the avities and holes of Méjannes-le-Clap. Pick up your harness, suit, helmet, headlamp and ropes, and enjoy the complete change of scene! 

You can also go caving in the extraordinary Grotte de la Salamandre by doing the "Coulisses". The cave has plenty of hidden treasures for you to discover, but the chance of admiring them has to be earned! You will have to follow an underground trail which involves ropebridges, climbing, abseiling, holes and more...
This special visit is an initiation to speleology for adults and children over 10. It lasts 3 hours  (2 hours of spelology and 1 hour of traditional visit). The group has to be of at least 4 people.  You can book the activity from March 15th to All Saints day, and it costs 42€/pers. 

During school holidays, the Tourist Information Office sometimes organises speleology initiations with Espace Gard Découvertes, the regional sports and leisure centre. The sessions last 3 hours and take place in caves of the plateau of Méjannes. This activity is suitable forchildren over 6 and adults.
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