Discovery trail

The Baume des Fades, the nature trail that will help you discover and love the plateau of Méjannes!

Meet the "fades", tiny mischievous fairies who live in the garrigue. With the hep of one of them, young Sylvane, learn about the secrets of the forest: from information sign to information sign, she will guide you all along the trail.

This walk, which can be done independently, is perfect for children. There are 18 explanatory signs that encourage the entire famiy to learn about nature by using all 5 senses and with the help of fun games.

Along the 1,4 km shady trail, you will discover dolmens and other megalithic rocks and their related History and legends, as well as the fauna and flora of the local scrubland and the History of Méjannes and of the installation of Man on the plateau. Among the historical remains you will see are those of a lime kiln and traces of the first coalmen. You will also come across a wooden balcony from which you will get a beautiful view of the surroundings.
So take a beath of fresh air, and admire the scenery.

Whether you live in Méjannes or are staying there for holidays,  this walk will give you an insight of all the beautiful things you can find on the plateau and it will help you understand its origins and History while enjoying an extraordinary natural landscape.