Gard Pleine Nature Label

"Vous aimez... Nous protégeons pour mieux vous accueillir"
("You love it [nature], we protect it to welcome you in the best way possible ")

What is the "Gard Pleine Nature" certification?

The Conseil Général is in charge of the maintenance of the marked hiking trails and outdoor activities sites in all the Gard, with the help of the sports federations involved (hiking, caving, climbing federations, etc...).
It aims at making enjoying outdoor activities and hiking easier without harming the environment.
With this in mind, the "Gard Pleine Nature" certification was created in 2008 to identify sites, trails, events and activities that are both sustainable and environment-friendly. It is a strong sign of the Conseil Général and its partners' commitment to understanding and preserving nature and to develop responsible outdoor activities.

Several hiking maps called "Cartoguides" cover the entire Gard département. 
To discover the Valley of the Cèze, the Cartoguide you will need is the one called "De la Vallée de la Cèze à l'Ardèche" - it is for sale for 5€ at the Tourist Information Office.
Like all the other Cartoguides, it will give you several options as to how to explore its area. Indeed, its trails can be followed by foot - obviously - but also by mountain bike and you can even go horse riding!  This particular map covers 410km of marked and well kept trails and is in compliance with the quality standards of the "Gard Pleine Nature" certifcation.

The certification has now been extended to eco-friendly outdoor sporting events and makes the organisers as well as the participants aware of their responsabilities towards the environment. It pushes them to behave in an eco-friendly way themselves. Outdoor athletes already feel particularly concerned by this subject since they love to train in the beautiful wild places available in the Gard.