Carpooling with BlaBlaCar

Whether you prefer to drive or to be a passenger, car sharing is a cheap and envrionment friendly way to travel.

Whether you need to drive to work or school and back, whether you want to go to a local market or whether you are on your way to a festival or a concert, keep car sharing in mind. It's an easy and pleasant option to drive from place to place at a low cost, for drivers and passengers alike.



1. Put up an advert mentioning the date and time of your trip as well as the cost per passenger..
2. When passengers book the trip, they pay on lin on the BlaBla Car website and you are automatically notified by email and text message. Settle the details of the trip with the passenger by phone.
3. Pick up the passengers at the arranged meeting point. Please make sure to be on time. Ask each passenger for their booking code (this code is necessary for you to be paid after the trip).
4. Enter the booking code(s) on the BlaBlaCar website and ask to be paid by bank transfer or through Paypal.


1. Look for a trip that suits you depending on the departure and arrival locations as well as on the date and time.
          TIP: when looking for a trip to Méjannes, don't forget you can also get in touch with drivers whose trip goes through Méjannes or close to it and ask themif they can stop there.
2. Pay on line and get a booking code you will have to give to the driver. The driver is notified by email and text message.
3. On the day of the trip, please make sure to be on time, and give the driver your booking code.

Enjoy the trip!